Friendship and Depression: How to Support a Friend Who’s in Emotional Pain

The pain of depression can cause people to withdraw but a supportive friendship can make a huge difference in the depressed person’s recovery

They say that “misery loves company” but that isn’t always the case. Years ago, I had a friend who was going through a rough patch. I wanted to respect the boundaries she was putting up so I decided to give her some space. In a few weeks when she still wasn’t returning my calls or emails, I began to get concerned.

We all suffer bad days or weeks when we just don’t feel like talking to someone and that’s okay. Taking a little time for self-care can actually be therapeutic. But when you are suffering from clinical depression, withdrawing from friends and other loved ones can actually be harmful to your health. People that are clinically depressed tend to feel hopeless, worthless and exhausted by simple day to day functions. Depression can impact many aspects of a person’s life from work to sleep to eating habits.

The depth of the pain of a person with depression pain can be frightening for their friends. This fear may result in friends pulling away. But a supportive friendship can be a huge help to people who are suffering from depression.




Teman adalah orang yang sudi menerima hidupmu.

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Teman adalah orang yang sudi menerima hidupmu.

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